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Do not under estimate free ad posting networks!!  This is some of the best advice I can give.

Did you know that over 65 Million people use Craigslist each month?  And it gets 50 Billion Page views per month...

(Read this 3x)  There are only 7 sites that get more traffic than Craigslist.  They are as follows; Google, Ebay, MSN, Yahoo, Microsoft, AOL, and News Corp.

Postings can be extremely labor intensive. There are many tricks to ad postings such as having access to proxies and Ip's that match the city where you are posting, as well as having access to phone verified accounts for ad approvals.  But if executed correctly you will see gigantic results for your business.  

I have access to all the tools and the knowledge to get you involved in this.  I am responsible for over 10,000 ads per week for a plethora of my clientele.  Best of all, it's all done at prices nobody else can compete with.  Imagine that while you are doing other things, I am making sure your ads go up daily and send you reports weekly.  We will put together good content, chose geographic locations, categories for ads, and include links to your site in ad copy. Then watch traffic go through the roof...  Big corporations, Fortune 500 companies are using this method.  Size does not matter, it is effective for the smallest landscaping company to the biggest hotel chain. 

If you get nothing from my firm at all, at least get involved in Ad posting services such as Craigslist, Backpage, Olx, Kijjii, AdlandPro, Gumtree, Etc.  It will give your business, service, or product a tremendous amount of exposure, much more than traditional advertising methods and, most importantly, at a fraction of the cost. 

Do not under estimate email marketing

What if I told you we could tailor 25,000 emails specifically to your niche every week?  What if I could assure you we could collect emails off of Facebook, business listings, even chat rooms?  In minutes my program can scan the internet for recent, legit, active email accounts specific to a certain location.  Best of all we can make it specific to a certain genre, for example, 30 year old males who follow and like restaurants in Connecticut. 

From there, we will use clever ways I have learned over the years to build a quality campaign and make sure your emails go to the senders inbox and not their spam box. If this is not done right, it is a complete waste of time and money.  It will blow your mind at how effective I am at this.  Even if you get a 3% conversion rate out of the 25k, that means you just sold 750 more products this week than the week before.  The keys to this are having the quality emails, quality campaign, and quality knowledge so that we get these emails to the inbox rather than the spam folders.  If you are serious about your business, I offer weekly and monthly packages that are affordable on anyone's budget. 

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